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Although I’m passing up the opportunity to go with agents, I still question my choice.

My editors have unanimously advised I go the agent route. I’ve got one interested, another I “know,” and thousands I have not queried.

I’m taking this route to attract a publisher, but it will take time & publicity. Am I being daft?

I really want this in physical form (not just e-book): I want to be a paperback seller….


Comments on: "I want to be a paperback writer…no seller." (7)

  1. Go with an agent. The autonomy of self-publishing is far out-weighed by the fact that you won’t sell very many copies. That and you’ll end up spending an immense amount of time doing self-promotion when you would rather be writing.

    (My currently self-published book has sold 9 copies since January and I have a blog, twitter and Facebook supporting it every day. The next book has been sold to a publisher. It can’t be worse.)

    • Sorry to hear that… wouldn’t Aunt Wilma buy one? 9, geesh!
      Still mulling it over, though, and your comments make me worry…what’s yr book called? I’ll check it out (though my Kindle’s broken at the moment, sadly).

      • Well, the book that’s going to be published (and I actually care about) is Courier. You can read the first chapter at http://www.terryirving.com. The other book I wrote under a nom de keyboard (Mike N. Mauss) and is The Unemployed Guy’s Guide to Unemployment which is on Amazon (and now has sold 10 copies).

      • Hurrah! 1 more to chalk up ~
        I like the title of yr first book…will check them both out. Best of luck to you!

  2. first e-book and then paperback 🙂

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