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FREE Kindle EBOOK THURS., FEB. 13, 2014 (click link below!)

FREE Kindle EBOOK THURS., FEB. 13, 2014 (click link below!).


FREE Kindle EBOOK THURS., FEB. 13, 2014 (click link below!)

On Amazon

On Amazon

FREE Kindle EBOOK THURS., FEB. 13, 2014

What People Are Saying…

“From Finland with Love swept me away. I was on board and fully engaged from the very first scene to its satisfying ending. Ellie Alanko writes with humor and grace, deftly weaving moments of poignancy and longing with madcap antics and sparkling dialogue. Alina is an unforgettable character and the supporting cast of characters is rich, varied and utterly original. I highly recommend this book.”

No, Mom did not write that ~


“Thirty-three-year-old Alina Eskala’s life is on the skids. She is mired in grief for her lost parents, her uber passionate lover has moved on to her best friend, and her last refuge—a high tech job she loves and excels at—is about to be cut. Even her determined attempt to make over her mousy hairstyle is a full-on disaster. What’s the upside? Hilarity. No matter what Alina does, it is funny, engaging and memorable. Her savior? A loose cannon cousin from Finland who barges into her quiet world with his hot Finnish buddy. Soon her life has steamed up like a Finnish sauna with love triangles and quadrangles. Full of unforgettable characters, always engaging, and laugh-out-loud funny, From Finland with Love is a book you will read greedily and be eager to pass on to a friend.”

Would you read it??

Is Self-Publishing a Meritocracy?

I hope so! Here’s an interesting article:


I want to be a paperback writer…no seller.

Although I’m passing up the opportunity to go with agents, I still question my choice.

My editors have unanimously advised I go the agent route. I’ve got one interested, another I “know,” and thousands I have not queried.

I’m taking this route to attract a publisher, but it will take time & publicity. Am I being daft?

I really want this in physical form (not just e-book): I want to be a paperback seller….


Book Cover 2

Book Cover 2

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